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Welcome to the Fujofans web listing!

This page is a community resource, listing the websites of 腐 enjoyers: BL, yaoi, yuri, and queer art in general.

Fun fact: In a social media survey of about 200 participants, around 90% of folks who enjoy gay man-on-man art (who may also identify as fujoshi or fudanshi) also enjoy gay girl-on-girl art! Now if only we had a term for (as well as more media of) NB-on-NB art....

All links in this directory are self-submitted by viewers like you. Thank you! You can join too, by submitting a form.

Accessibility statement:

  • No autoplay audio on this site.
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  • May 18th, 2023: Added a site from Sigmund, and a store from MarineHaddock. Updated the button wall!
  • May 9th, 2023: Added 3 sites from meowbark2000, mappapapa, and mizunotic. Edited overflow-x vin #content so the site no longer has a horizontal scrollbar lol.
  • May 2nd, 2023: Added 1 site from episode83. Big overhaul to listing - each site is now in cards that are easier to read for me personally. Also added a fun fact about fujoshi and himejoshi solidarity on the front page.
  • April 12th, 2023: Minor edits to some listings by request. Also implemented a javascript counter to numerate the current amount of sites we have automatically. Centered the button wall images so it looks nicer on mobile.
  • April 11th, 2023: Added 1 site and testimonial from funwplushtrap. Also edited some sites with new banners and descriptions. If anyone else wants to edit their listing, feel free to email me at the same email address I sent the acceptance letters to!
  • April 9th, 2023: Added a testimonial, as well as 4 sites: candy, MarineHaddock, THOTCRIMES, and Boniae! Don't forget to check our tumblr page for updates in both blog and RSS form.
  • March 29th, 2023: Added nenrikido's side and testimonial! We also have 3 new 50x50 buttons thanks to soulbyte!
  • March 15th, 2023: Added Aidia, Jake Chirak, Sangue Vangelo, soulbyte, and Sephiria's sites! Experiences have been updated with three testimonials. I also reformated the listing so it's easier for myself to read lol.
  • March 3rd, 2023: Added a new store listing for ROTTEN GIRL GANG!
  • February 22nd, 2023: Four new sites! From Cyrano, Shushmoom, GUNNY MUFFIN, and CreatureFeature. Also some new testimonials!
  • February 15th, 2023: New buttons for old man uke enjoyers! The Japanese one reads: オヤジ受, or shorou uke.
  • February 14th, 2023: Added Shonojo to the comics section, and EreriFan915 to the personal sites. Added one testimonials to the Experiences page.
  • February 11th, 2023: Added two testimonials to the Experiences page. Added Nadja's page. Created a glossary section in Resources, with my interpretations and citations.
  • February 9th, 2023: Added steakinthedaylight, ronoae, mr. abasio, and rudy tuesday. Button wall updated.
  • February 7th, 2023: Added allyrat and feltyhatter. More testimonials on the experiences pages!
  • February 6th, 2023: Added enzuigiri. Also made a experiences pages for folks to submit their yaoi testimonials!
  • February 5th, 2023: Added revelguts and bunburrying! FAQ and resources pages are new to the menu.
  • February 3rd, 2023: Added whim, webo, groovy, and surge! Simplified the color palette of the site with CSS root colors. Also, lots of lil' flies and meat decorations from my good friend Shane.
  • February 2nd, 2023: Added spilly and krad! Messed with the color scheme a bit, fixed the mobile menu colors.
  • February 2nd, 2023: The birth of penis. Already got some folks joining, yay!


Sites are listed in the order of joining.

Take heed of the content notices. I am not responsible for the contents of the sites in this directory.

🔞 = 18+ sexual or violent themes. Not safe for work.

🍖 = Grotesque themes. Click at your own risk!

This fan listing is inclusive of pretty much all cultures, characters, ships, and kinks. Please have fun going through these sites!

Fujo Fans

Personal sites, blogs, shrines, and whatever other pages our fujo fans make.

    scumsuck site button
    Art, writing, old man uke.
    Ships: Ollie x Basile (ocs) · Scout x Spy · Green Goblin x Norman Osborn · Spongebob x Squidward

    Themes: Yung x old abuse, selfcest, guro, necro

  • Deflectric
    deflectric site button
    Characters and blog.
    Ships: Angus/Vicky (ocs) · Peter Parker/Norman Osborn
  • Ren
    A personal virtual museum of original character listings and related things. Under ongoing construction.
    Ships: Vercci/Voldo · Sienna/Saltzpyre
  • Linky 🔞🍖
    linky site button
    Art, Writing, and Ramblings!
    Ships: Ankh/Hino Eiji · Girori/Hareruya Win · Ukiyo Ace/Azuma Michinaga
  • serpentine malign 🔞🍖
    serpentinemalign site button
    queer art and writing about that sweet sweet ego dissolution. eventually fandom shrines.
    Ships: shimano futoshi/majima goro · brock samson/rusty venture · evelyn deavor/mirage
  • spillingdown 🔞🍖
    spillingdown site button
    Ship manifestos, fic recommendations, commission gallery, pet gacha and a few other things.
    Ships: Shigeo Kageyama/Reigen Arataka · Sougo Tokiwa/Woz · Amuro Ray/Char Aznable. All fixed order!
  • kradeelav 🔞🍖
    krad site button
    animation-influenced leather artist that loves sleazeball villains.
    Ships: sefikura · stefan/zihark · alutegra but fucky(tm)
  • Whimwitch 🔞🍖
    whimwitch site button
    A digital labyrinth of Yugioh 腐, essays, and personal ramblings.
    Ships: Heartshipping (獏表) · Tendershipping (バク獏) · Buddyshipping (城本) · and more!
  • Webo 🔞🍖
    unlik3lygrader site button
    Art,Shrines and rambling. Mostly OC focused.
    Ships: Mickael/Thomas 4evah + Fight Club and Rocketman are my favorite yaois
  • groovy 🔞🍖
    malas-influencias site button
    exploration of characters tru fanart, original kinky arts, ongoing tl;dr oc lore
    Ships: Maito Gai x Hatake Kakashi · Erwin Smith x Levi Ackerman · Mac McDonald x Dennis Reynolds(iasip) [Do not change ship order.]
  • surge
    doubleincision site button
    my ever-growing personal site where i put whatever i want!
    Ships: i unironically enjoy boku no sexual harassment
  • AllyRat
    allyrat chemistry site button
    Art, craft, baking, anime and cute stuff. I occasionally discuss BL and GL in my blog!
    Ships: Ryo Asuka/Akira Fudo, Ash Lynx/Eiji Okumura, Cocona/Papika
  • feltyHatter 🔞🍖
    feltyhatter site button
    Creative works and rambles. Kinda doubles as a Deltarune fanpage currently.
    Warnings: Contains marquees with some gifs
    Ships: Kris/Spamton 4ever and ever (FIXED)
  • Steak in the Daylight 🔞🍖
    steak in the daylight site button
    A website with artwork, writing, and miscellaneous nuclear experiments. It's also made of air fried meat.
    Ships: Everything by Sega is Yaoi, Everything by Nintendo is Yuri :P
  • Ronoae 🔞🍖
    Fetish art, writing, and roleplay
    Ships: DoflaCora, SonAdow, MegOp
  • Mr. Abasio 🔞🍖
    A personal site for my art, my crafts, and cataloging my other interests
    Ships: Imai Hisashi x Sakurai Atsushi x Issay
  • rudy tuesday 🔞🍖
    rudy tuesday site button
    neurodivergent erotic artist, webMaster and transmasculine fujoshi.
    Ships: lolihet & brocon enjoyer - age gap enthusiast - malby truther (oc)
  • Nadja 🔞🍖
    Personal website for art, writing, character + ship exploration for frequently obscure Japanese anime and games (notably Klonoa, Okage, and Kaitou Joker). BL/GL/HL Multiship.
    Warnings: Flashing gif for background. Autoplay audio.

    Ships: Noncon, incest, loli + shota

  • EreriFan915 🔞🍖
    ereriren site button
    Guy who likes seeing anime soldier boys get blown to smithereens!
    Warnings: Large images/image heavy, autoplay audio.

    Ships: Eren Yeager x Levi Ackerman (reversible), Erwin Smith x Levi Ackerman, Prussia x Germany

  • Cyrano 🔞🍖
    shirakotoko site button
    A personal website and ojiichan repository.
    Ships: Peter Parker/Otto Octavius, DK West/Zuke, Caliborn/Dave Strider
  • Shushmoom 🔞🍖
    shushmoom site button
    OC repository, fanart/original art, doodles, and rambles.
    Ships: Proscoutto/Pesci (JJBA), Jotaro/Joseph (JJBA), my own OCs, any one-sided ships
    gnomescourt site button
    Oddly specific junk made by a psychostic fictosexual.
    Ships: Singerdinger (Heimerdinger x Singed), Faedinger (Heimerdinger x Muffin), Bowsario (Mario x Bowser)
  • CreatureFeature 🍖
    Monster and Biology themed site with some educational articles, and other goodies.
    Warnings: Contains some gifs.

    Ships: Loki/Thor, Will/Hannibal, Louis/Lestat

  • Aidia 🔞
    aidia site button
    Queer Art, BL, and Love.
    Warnings: Moving gifs, flashing lights, autoplay.

    Ships: Given, Coyote, LangaxReki

    jake chirak site button
    Gross art, weird comics, absurd aesthetic.
    Warnings: Moving gifs.

    Ships: Varré/Mohg (ELDEN RING), Dr Gordon/Adam (SAW), My OCs! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

  • Kore
    Kore site button
    Personal site. Will contain my art+OCs.
    Warnings: Moving gifs.

    Series: Ai No Kusabi, Yami No Matsuei, Dragon Age

    Ships: Hiei/Kurama, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Taskmaster/Deadpool

    Themes: Age difference, size difference, power imbalance

  • nephos/SOULBYTE
    soulbyte site button
    personal, art, rambling
    Fav BL: lost in the cloud (manhwa)
  • Sephiria 🔞🍖
    sephiria site button
    A colorful diary of my life, a quiet place to express myself and share all that I am with others. Hosts personal reflections, transformative works, and my creative endeavors.
    Warnings: Gifs/graphic/image heavy

    Ships: Cloud Strife X Sephiroth, Yami Bakura X Marik Ishtar, South Park multishipper

  • rio / nenrikido
    nenrikido site button
    drawing, coding, screaming, crying etc.

    Ships: hannibal is my favorite yaoi anime

  • candy 🔞
    ruili site button
    website i made me for myself but you can look at it too. a place for my art, writing, coding, archival of things i enjoy, etc!

    warning: blog section has reviews with descriptions of heavy topics. content warnings always included.

    series: dramatical murder, slow damage and other blvns

  • MarineHaddock 🔞🍖
    Liveblogs and Meta

    Ships: Yomijuu, Izuike, Hell Brothers

    Personal site for a fujoshi hoarder, broconnesuior, and Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiast
    Warning: Incest.

    Ships: Loki/Thor, Sam/Dean, Kai/Jou, Aomine/Kagami

  • episode83 🔞🍖
    episode83 site button
    ship / character shrines, journaling, coding practice.
    Ships: Tougou / Osomatsu, Sweden / Finland, Jet Link / Albert Heinrich
  • Michelle
    mizunotic site button
    A personal site with hints of fandom, collecting, and other assorted nerdery.
    Ships: Sora/Riku, Liu Qingge/Shen Qingqiu, TimKon
    meowbark2000 site button
    2000s BL, anime/manga, shrines
    Warning: Flashing gifs

    Ships: gakupo x kaito, light x L, hitoshi-san x bokutachi-kun, me x gakupo /j

  • Sigmund Céline
    dozingred site button
    J-rock and V-kei, as well as the webmaster's blog.
    Ships: Mana x Yu~ki (Malice Mizer), Kaoru x Toshiya x Kyo (Dir en grey), Nuppe x Kamui (Souiumono)

Rot Library

Original works related to the BL, yaoi, and yuri genres: art, writing, comics, cosplay and more.

  • Just Girly Things 🔞🍖

    Lesbian, fujoshi, slice-of-life webcomic.

  • HOOKY! 🔞🍖
    30 page one-shot comic. Student/teacher, younger seme x older uke.
    Art (original and fan art), Comics, Doujinshi

    Ships: Ryu/Ken (Street Fighter), Vegas/Pete (KinnPorsche: The Series), Hakaida/Kikaida (Kikada)

  • Revelguts
    Original epic fantasy BL webcomic! Magic satyr boys.

    Ships: Anakin/Obi-wan, Naruto/Sasuke, Riku/Sora

  • Bunburrying 🔞🍖
    bunburrying site button
    Comics and Illustrations.

    Ships: Rohan/Koichi (JJBA), Sugimoto/Shiraishi (Golden Kamuy), Prosciutto/Pesci (JJBA). All my ships are vers we ball

  • Enzuigiri 🔞
    interpersonal chemistry site button
    ongoing webserial about gay wrestlers

  • Shonojo 🔞🍖
    A collection to keep my comics in one place.

    Ships: Kotetsu/Barnaby, Urbosa/zelda, Akaza/Rengoku

  • Boniae
    four corners comic button
    A 90s manga nostalgia webcomic + gang drama + slowburn romance

    Ships: Matt/Mello, Kotetsu/Barnaby, Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell

  • funwplushtrap 🔞
    funwplushtrap site button
    Fanart + comics of FNAF and other media, sometimes with yaoi flavor

    Ships: William Afton X Henry Emily

    mappapapa site button
    Cómics en español enfocados en el ship Shigeo Kageyama/Arataka Reigen del manga Mob Psycho 100. En ocasiones aparecen ships secundarios.

    Ships: mobrei

Meat Market

Stores owned by independent artists and crafters, with items for a rotten audience. Commissions too!

    scum bucket site button
    Self-published doujin, dakimakura, and accessories designed by SCUMSUCK.
  • Fujoboard
    fujoboard site button
    Fujoboard: a sleek, modern cheese paddle for your fujin lifestyle.
  • kradeelav (store) 🔞
    krad site button
    physical zines & R18 doujins
    rotten girl gang site button

    a fujoshi-run business bringing good old fashioned yaoi to the online & convention markets!

  • MarineHaddock

    Badges, Stickers, Keychains and Prints spreading important messages like support for ukes in government!

Button Wall

Most buttons are 88x31 px due to some geocities standard from 30 years ago, but you can submit any size you'd like. If you have any new buttons, email me at tempural@gmail.com to submit them!

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