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Frequently Asked Questions

Imma be real, I made some of these questions up cuz I knew they'd be asked. The other ones are real. This is your sphinx's riddle.

Do I need to be a fujoshi to join Fujofans?

You do not need to identify as the term "fujoshi".

You can be a fudanshi, fujin, fujo ally, hime, yume, or whatever you please. You can be a boy, girl, gay, straight, trans, sis...you don't even need to be Asian! As long as you are a fan of gay art, please feel free to join.

What is yaoi?
alignment chart of yaoi, which concludes that everything is yaoi
What if I don't have a website?

Please make a website! It's free and fun.

I suggest using neocities as a host if you are a beginner. I have some resources on building a site on my documentation page. And you can start with a template, like I did for this site. This template is by foollover, who has other very cute and easy to edit site templates.

How finished does my site have to be to submit?

You don't need to have more than one page. A landing page to find you on other sites is fine. You don't even need to have fancy styling! A blank white background with plain black text is good for readability!

As long as you have your name on your site, and a couple words about yourself or some links, it's good to go! And you can always update your site whenever you want.

What kind of website can I submit?

Any website is fine! It can be a personal site, a blog, a shrine for ships or characters, your own art and writing, your webcomic, your store, or so on.

I do not accept social media sites like instagram and twitter. This is because social media is always at risk of blowing up and being deleted at the company's whim. See tumblr's NSFW ban, or twitter's current musky meltdown.

Tumblr blogs are fine if they are used for writing your own thoughts and posts, and not just for reblogging other people's posts.

Are there any restrictions to websites?

My one restriction for art is no NSFW of real, living or dead, people under the age of 18. (also known as underage RPF)

Otherwise, no spam, malware, or hate speech against real people. I reserve the right to remove any site for any reason.

I don't like someone or something on the weblisting, can you remove them?

Oh no! I hope you work it out soon. I will not remove websites from the web listing unless the owners email me themselves.

Can you remove my site from the web listing?

Yes, email me at {{tempural}} at {{gmail.com}} and I will take care of it. No questions asked, no reason needed!

One of the sites is down, or leads to spam, malware, or hate speech against real people. Can you remove it?

Please email me at {{tempural}} at {{gmail.com}} and I will take care of it!

Will you make a discord or other community?

No. I cannot moderate a community. This space is meant as a stand-alone resource, so you can find community with individuals! Please look at their websites, and contact them one-on-one if you want to find other Fujofans.

If you created your own community, feel free to submit it to Fujofans!

Who are you?

SCUMSUCK. I don't identify under the fujoshi label, but I support fujoshi for creating so much art vital to my childhood. Also I like dank yaoi.

If you have any other questions, please email me at {{tempural}} at {{gmail.com}}, or write in the guestbook, and I will try to answer them.