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How to Join

To join the Fujofans web listing, read the following rules:

  1. You and your site should respect other's ships, interests, and kinks.
    While you are free to have dislikes and personal boundaries, you should respect those who like the things you don't. Focus your energy on your hobbies! Do not make me read negative ship and fandom wank. No ship, kink, or genre hate. I don't want to see you telling others to "get help" for liking Ouran High School incest.
  2. You and your site should respect people's cultures, identities, and experiences.
    I do not wish to link to sites that link to, host, or are hosted by people who endorse hate speech, hate imagery, or hateful documentation.
    Hate speech/imagery includes (and is not limited to) calls to violence against, insults and malignment regarding racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, incel and radfem rhetoric, or anti-trans sentiment.
    Hateful documentation includes screen shotting individuals, harassment, and doxxing.
  3. You and your site should respect Asian women 😏
    After all, Asian ladies created yaoi n' yuri!
  4. You and your site should respect LGBTQ+ people and their art!
    You are welcome whether you're out and proud, choose not to identify, or an ally. The spectrum of gay art spans the cutest fluff and the most depraved torture porn, and that's beautiful.
  5. Please be over the age of 18.
    Many of the sites linked on this website contain explicit sexuality, violence, and other themes intended for an adult audience. The yaoi manga is in plastic wrap for a reason!

I highly encourage everyone to research any webring or web listing that they may apply for! This research may come in the form of seeing who owns the site, and figuring out if they share the same values as you. You should click through many of the sites to see if your neighbors seem like they'd be matches for your interests! And I always think it's nice to finish off the research by using a search engine, and looking up the name of the website in quotation marks. For example, try searching the term: "fujofans" web listing.

Once you have read the rules and figured out if Fujofans is the right web listing for you, please submit your website to this form!

There is no deep curation process! Sites do not have to abide by any technical quality. I just look through sites to make sure they follow the rules of "no sexualization of real underage people, no spam, no malware, and no hate speech".

I will try to get new submissions into the directory within a week or two, though it may take longer if I'm busy.

I won't send emails out for site acceptance or removals. New sites will be announced via the RSS feed! Sites may be accepted or removed for any reason.

This page was last updated August 20, 2023.